We help brands create, manage and deploy holistic people based marketing strategies with real-time behavioral data combined with first party brand data.


Inbound Magic Team Meeting discussing Inbound Marketing

Inbound Magic was created with the mission and goal to provide enterprise-level growth solutions for small and medium-size businesses and brands so they can better tell their stories, engage in meaningful conversations, connecting real people with products and services.

We are a team of digital marketing and technology experts that are passionate about connecting consumers to products and services that deliver unique value in the world.

Inbound Magic offers full digital marketing and consulting solutions based on our proprietary technology that tracks real-time behaviors such as url navigations, keyword searches, content consumption, social behavior, and campaign response.

We aggregate 25 billion pieces of behavioral data every day and then apply machine learning to create conversion profiles for the Health, Wellness and Medical Industry. Our artificial intelligence then analyzes patterns being repeated across billions of behavioral data points and predicts who is in market for products and services

Clients that utilize our peopled based, predictive marketing are able to lower their CPC and CPA costs, gain a competitive advantage in their market and ultimately increase profits. Inbound Magic is committed to being your True Marketing Partner.