TECHNOLOGY: Predictive Marketing

Inbound Magic Flywheel“Our results are driven by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence through People Based Predictive Targeting Algorithms .”

Our proprietary technology gives you access to consumers all along the buyers journey of the Awareness, Consideration and Decision Stage through 3 types of targeting:

  • InMarket Targeting
  • InFunnel¬†Leads
  • Facebook/Google Lookalike Match


Our predictive algorithm tracks real-time behaviors such as URL navigations, keyword searches, content consumption, social behavior, and campaign responses. This allows our clients to reduce wasteful ad spend by marketing only to the right people. This automatically drives down the cost per acquisition which ultimately increases profits.

Behavioral Tracking

Identity Resolution

Artificial Intelligence
Conversion Optimization

0 Million U.S. Consumers

How Can Big Data Contribute To Digital Marketing Success?

“Campaigns that use big data are more effective than aggregative advertising used in the past.”¬† READ MORE

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