98% of your website visitors are anonymous. Now with site visitor match technology (SVM) you can find out who they are and remarket them anonymously or by name and email, converting them into returning visitors.


Anonymous Identity Resolution

What it is

A method of resolving the identity of your website visitors to put you in permanent control of your “first-party data.” It sounds simple, but the process is incredibly complex. Think of it this way…

Every website you interact with (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) assigns an identifier to you. A “code” so they know who you are when you come back. 

What it does

SVM creates a list of your website visitors that you own and control forever within your own private data-management platform. These are not cookies and therefore are not subject to expiration or the whims of targeting/ad platforms. They are portable, meaning that you can use these lists to build marketing campaigns on all major online ad platforms, no matter where the visitor came from, including visitors from organic traffic, SEO, content marketing, online ad buys, affiliate traffic, cross-marketing, email campaigns or offline promotions. These lists can also be used in offline campaigns (see more on this below). 

How we do it

When a visitor lands on your website, our technology is able to match that visitor with information we have in our consumer database. This allows us to resolve the identity of that visitor and place them on a list that is unique to you. This list is permanent, portable and owned and controlled by you. 

  • 1

    Website Visitor

    Your website visitor lands on your site, from any online source, and from any device the user is using.

  • 2

    Smart Pixel

    You have our Pixel installed on your site, and the website visitor is captured, using any of their emails.

    • 3

      Anonymous ID: Email Hash

      The data of the website visitor is captured and converted into an email hash.

    • 4


      We send you a weekly CSV file containing all the hashes of your website visitors.

    • 5


      You can upload your csv file of hashed emails to any major advertising platform, and target your campaign specifically to them.

    Identity Resolution of your Website Visitors

    ► Advantage: Right now, website visitors who take no action on your site are lost to you. You can retarget those visitors, but only using a third-party’s pixel and only within their walled garden — Google on Google’s inventory, Facebook on their inventory, and so on. With SVM, you own the audience. Not a third-party. And the audience is permanent. Because thanks to identity resolution, you aren’t targeting an expiring cookie, you’re targeting a person.

    ► Benefit: Total and permanent control of your first-party data means that you can become platform-agnostic. It allows you to run true omnichannel marketing campaigns and to beat the problem of relying on a powerful supplier to generate leads and sales. It also opens up the ability to use email, direct mail or outbound phone calls (and soon addressable TV and radio) to reach your site’s visitors on your terms and in your timeframe.

    First-Party Data Management

    ► Advantage: Under the current system, you don’t have access to the data you generate without relying on a powerful supplier such as Facebook or Google to allow access to it from within their platform. SVM allows you to manage AND use all of your first-party data in one place, regardless of the platform it originated from.

    ► Benefit: Because you now control your data, it can be used in ways that were previously impossible. SVM gives you a permanent audience under your management that can be used on any platform and at any time, forever. Marketing your own products and services is just one of the ways in which it can be used. Joint ventures, affiliate deals, list rentals and many other opportunities (more on this below) become possible when you own your data.

    InMarket Lookalike Audiences

    ► Advantage: SVM audiences can be used as highly relevant InMarket “seed audiences” to exponentially expand your reach. By uploading your SVM audience to the platform and asking for a “lookalike,” the platform will use your first-party data to create a larger audience of their users who match the behaviors of your SVM audience. You can create lookalike audiences on platforms such as:

    ● Google/YouTube via Similar Audiences
    ● Facebook/Instagram via Lookalike Audiences
    ● Twitter via Tailored Audiences
    ● Amazon via Advertiser Audiences
    ● LinkedIn via Matched Audiences

    ► Benefit: As with SVM audiences, your unique InMarket Lookalike audiences can be leveraged in a variety of ways. You can…

    ● Find new customers for your own products or services.
    ● Partner with complementary but non-competing companies to promote their products and services for a percentage of revenue.
    ● Rent your Lookalike audiences for use by other companies on a per-usage basis.
    ● Run Joint Venture promotions.
    ● Promote CPA offers.
    ● License your Lookalike audiences and charge a monthly fee.