medical spa marketing


Medical spa marketing is essential to increase revenue, build and grow a strong clientele base. This applies especially to the Medical spa industry. The industry is booming with the $3.97 billion market forecasted to increase to $6 Billion annually by 2022. Medical spas offer a variety of services, which all need effective digital marketing strategies.

Marketing a Medical spa, in the beginning, can be time-consuming and difficult, but the opportunity for growth is well worth the effort. Making your business stand out in this competitive industry means implementing top-quality marketing strategies a must. Here are 10 Digital Marketing tips for Medical Spas that can help you attract potential clients and attain success.

  1. Local SEO

    The internet has simplified how people search for services. Whether they’re new to the world of spa treatments or searching for another spa, these clients turn to the internet. So, make sure your spa appears in the first 3 listings for Medical Spas. You can Claim your local listings using Yahoo Local Works, Bing Places, and Google Places to claim your listing. Create a profile and personalize it by adding photos and updates. If you do this, local clients will be able to find your business with greater ease. Another effective way to improve local SEO is by creating a blog that centers around your niche, services, and specific community. Having a proper content strategy for your blog will definitely help with maintaining a strong Local SEO.

  2. Implement A Social Media Strategy

    Social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise your medical spa for free. Social media can not only help boost your brand presence but also manage your reputation, customer service, educate and attract new customers. With social media, you can display before and after photos of your services.
    Informing potential clients through social media can educate them about your Medical Spa services and address any questions they might have. It also helps to keep your med spa top of mind along while also providing a platform for existing customers to share and promote their positive experiences.

  3. Email Marketing

    Another great way to stay top of mind and nurture your potential customers is through email marketing. By offering valuable content and special offers you can quickly build your list and automate your email sequences. You can even go a step further by segmenting your list by interest and behavior further customizing the content for them. The more relevant the content the easier it will be to keep potential customers engaged and steadily moving along the buyer’s journey. Be sure to include, short, educational videos about health and wellness. It gives potential customers real value which helps to develop trust. Remember we tend to purchase services from businesses we know, like and trust!

  4. Use Video Marketing

    In an evolving, visually oriented industry, video marketing is key. For a medical spa, videos are particularly effective. Potential customers will see someone getting a rejuvenating massage, before and after video testimonials and be inspired to inquire more seriously into your services.  It’s also a great way for potential customers to get a quick but comprehensive explanation of your services. In actuality, adding videos to your marketing emails can increase click-through rates by 200 to 300 percent. If you add videos to the landing page of your website, it can increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

  5. Online Directories

    It’s 2019! Potential clients may find it difficult to use massive phone books. Instead, they turn to online directories like Yelp, and Google My Business to find local spas in their area. 88% of customers say they go through online reviews before using before making an appointment. So, if you haven’t been tracking your online reviews or if your Medical Spa isn’t listed, do so now!

  6. Offer Online Booking

    Studies show that 35% of customers schedule appointments during unofficial hours while 25% of younger generation make online appointments. Square Appointments is a favorited option that allows clients to book appointments online. Also, it works with a cloud-based calendar, which helps alleviate scheduling conflicts. Square Appointments are affordable for teams and free for individuals.

  7. Use CRM to retarget former clients

    A customer relationship manager (CRM), is a centralized place for storing the data of customers and prospects entire interaction history with your companies online presence. This can include your website, email, social profiles, ads and more. It helps to improve communication between your prospects and your company and enables the efficient tracking and management of lead nurturing. With an effective lead nurturing strategy you can take a potential customer from the stages of awareness or getting to know your business, through the consideration and decision stage of the buyer’s journey. With a CRM, you can make and track phone calls, text messages, social media comments and send highly targeted emails all directly from the CRM.

  8. Invest in a Quality Website

    Unfortunately, many businesses treat their website as an online brochure instead of a lead generating machine. For many potential customers, your website will be there first real interaction with you, your brand and business. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they make a decision to leave or investigate further. Clear call to actions must be available on the homepage to better guide the prospect to the information they are seeking. You want to give your visitors an educational, efficient, clean, and great online experience. If you are paying for any kind of advertising your online presence will greatly impact your conversion rates. This means you can turn visitors into paying clients by having a professional, informative, and action-oriented website that educates, guides and builds trust.

  9. Use Multi-Channel Marketing

    Repeating your message across multiple channels, integrated with the different stages of the buyer’s journey, can increase results and conversions. Take the time to figure out where your potential customers spend most of their time and then implement a paid and organic strategy across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You can follow this up with retargeting campaigns on niche specific websites. You can take it one step further by utilizing Big Data and InMarket Targeting across multiple channels. InMarket targeting not only allows you to retarget potential customers that have interacted with your brand but also target customers who are in market and specifically in the decision stage of making a purchase for your services. By using InMarket targeting you can increase conversion and lower wasted ad spend.

  10. Hire a professional to enhance your digital marketing.

    Hire expert digital marketers who specialize in supporting your kind of businesses. Some marketers offer social management, social campaign creation, and can help manage your social marketing campaigns. Also, they provide search engine optimization, digital listings management, display advertising, and more. Hiring an expert will help boost your spa’s online presence.

Final thoughts
It’s over to You! Incorporating these digital spa marketing tips will help market your business and get your medical spa the attention it needs to attract more clients and satisfy the existing ones.