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Naturopathic Marketing: 9 Tips to Grow Your Practice

With an increasing awareness of the human body’s natural ability to heal itself; Naturopathy is indeed proving itself to be the future of medicine. Naturopaths naturally are champions of healthy lifestyles and overall mind, body and spiritual wellness. The public at whole has yet to fully understand the importance of healthy living and the natural healing processes of the body. Due to this lack of public education many Naturopaths are still struggling to develop an abundant and thriving practice. After spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on an education mosts Naturopaths are ill-equipped to develop and run a thriving practice. Naturopathic Marketing is a key skill every Naturopath must learn and understand in order to build an abundant and thriving practice.

Just as there is a natural and organic process to healing the body there is equally a natural and organic process to growing a successful business and practice. By taking the proper steps a Naturopath can easily take a struggling practice into a sustainable and thriving full practice.

Here are 9 quick Tips to ensure you are on the path to Success:

Naturopathic Marketing

  1. Vision and Clarity

    Be sure to have a clear vision and mission for your practice. Many naturopathic doctors forget to take the very first step in developing or branding their practice by not gaining enough clarity on the type of practice they wish to run. How large do you want your practice to be? How much revenue do you wish to earn? What ailments do you wish to specialize in? And most importantly who is your ideal target client? Without this clarity of vision it is impossible to develop any intelligible plan to grow one’s practice.

  2. Develop a Professional Website

    Your website is the hub of your business. It should be designed and developed in a way that constantly educates and attracts new clientele. If you are marketing your practice properly you should be utilizing a combination of offline and online strategies. These strategies should all be leading back to your website. Creating a professional website is not merely just about designing an ascetically beautiful looking website but also the inclusion and placement of proper marketing components and search engine optimization (SEO) that will in its effect create an automated lead generating machine for your practice.

  3. Utilize Automated Booking and Patient Management Software

    In order to grow your practice be sure to utilize patient management and booking software to better organize and streamline your naturopathic practice. Software such as OptiMantra  and MindBody make it incredibly easy for naturopathic doctors to manage bookings in the cloud and efficiently track and market to its clientele.

  4. Educate Your Potential Clientele

    As a forward thinking naturopathic doctor, it’s important to take on the responsibility to educate the public on the practice and principles of Naturopathy. This will not only help create more awareness on benefits of naturopathic medicine but will also serve to be a great marketing tool for your practice. Naturopathic Marketing should include a solid inbound marketing strategy that takes advantage of content marketing or education based marketing. This can include a weekly blog, hosted event, guest blogging or an educational video course that will quickly help you establish yourself as an authority or micro-celebrity within the field of naturopathic medicine.

  5. Testimonials and Reviews

    Testimonials can and should be one of your most valuable naturopathic marketing tools. You can utilize automated marketing emails to follow up with your clients after a visit to provide a quick testimonial that you can easily share online. In addition to the testimonial it’s equally important to track and pay attention to your online reviews and reputation on review sites such as yelp and google. Just as  positive review can bring in more clientele a negative one can just as quickly turn one away. Monitoring this and implementing a solution that can deal with any unsatisfied clients should be a part of your strategy.

  6. Social Media

    Statistics show that the average person has more than 4 social media accounts and spends almost 2 hours a day browsing them. Thus you can understand why when developing your naturopathic marketing strategy, social media should play a large part in how you reach and communicate with your audience. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin feeds are just some of the tools utilized in naturopathic marketing for educating and staying in touch with clientele. You can tweet tips, share blog posts and engage with your clientele.

  7. Live Video & Events

    As a natural extension of your social media marketing efforts you can utilize platforms like Facebook and youtube to create and stream live events. This is a very popular way to educate your audience on different wellness subjects. It could be a Q&A event or simply How to prevent or heal a particular chronic disease naturally. Creativity is your only limitation when it comes to exploring this valuable marketing tool.

  8. Search Engine Marketing

    In addition to search engine optimization a good naturopathic marketing strategy should include paid search engine advertising. One’s best efforts should be used to rank organically for their keywords that align most with their practice but it’s impossible to rank high on everything. This is where paid advertising or pay per click advertising comes in to play. PPC campaigns can be highly profitable, increasing ROI so that you can experience exponential growth.

  9. Remarketing

    As part of your vision and clarity exercise, you should also become familiar with what is called the buyer’s journey. All potential clients are usually in one stage of the buyer’s journey, the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage. Remarketing, is an advertising practice that follows a person after visiting your website. When browsing the internet after viewing your website you can show the person additional advertisements along the various stages of the buyer’s journey.

These 9 tips are just some of the things a naturopathic doctor should consider when starting up a practice or implementing naturopathic marketing strategy. Whether you would like to run a small boutique practice or a much larger wellness center your path to success lies in creating an intelligent roadmap and framework of taking your practice from A to B.



Naturopathic Website Cheat Sheet

Naturopathic Website Cheat Sheet

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Naturopathic Website Cheat Sheet

Naturopathic Website Cheat Sheet